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The inactivity of this forum.
Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:06 pm by Burkman
It's depressing to see how inactive it has been recently. I mean, everybody is pretty much primarily posting in the never ending thread now and there's not enough people here to make this place really booming. We need to find some way to bring more people here before this place just fades into nothingness...

I know for a fact that a lot of boards out there are thriving because of how many people are there. We just need to get back into the game and pull people here. However, where we obtain these people might matter, because we don't to end up pulling in douches like those at Selkath.

I understand that people are busy these days, but it doesn't seem like they're rarely at their computer anymore. I know most of you are still dicking around with your computer. I don't know how we …

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Happy New Year!
Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:56 pm by Scott
Happy New Year OT! We may be dying... BUT WE'RE STILL HERE! We had an... interesting year last year. Vice Admin Burkman is taking a long earned vacation and Uly is stepping into his position. Well... I'd have more to say but I've got other things to do atm... and oh yeah... to quote Callin... "GET A MIC YA BUM!"


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 A New Journey

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PostSubject: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:38 pm

So I decided I would re-start my story from the TOR forums. I feel many people didn't like where I was going (I was new to fanfic) with it so I'll be editing it, BIG TIME. First I will post decriptions of the two main characters. Hope you all enjoy the read. :P

Edit: Some people have commented on the fact that my characters go 'super sayan'.

This is a missconception that I would like to clear up. If anyone has seen or read the Dune series by Frank Hurbert you will understand this a little better. The reason my characters go 'super sayan' is because of a chemical on their homeworld. They do not all of a sudden have more power. It is merely an effect of drawing on the Force heavily for their persons.

The above is quite old lol. But anywho... a few folks said they enjoyed my writing and that made me pretty happy. So... I decided to post some Scott's stories. I'll try and post these in order as best I can. Anywho... yeah this was started on TOR like way back in 08 or 09.


You thinkin' what I'm thinkin' partner? Aim for the bushes... *brofist*
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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:06 pm

Species/Race: T'vian
Name: Scott Chain
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 25 BTC
Place of Birth: Unknown Regions
Date of Death: NA
Place of Death: NA
Age: ~25
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Black, long, messy or pulled back in warrior tail, white when flooded with the Force.
Facial Appearance: Strong and pronounced, scruff sometimes
Eye Color: Hazel, white/blue when flooded with the Force.
Body Appearance: Slim and muscular, Force tattoos on right side.
Home Planet: Unknown
Ship: The Kuttless
Allegiance: Republic, ambassador for his species in a way, Warlord (later)

Armor: Light with Jedi garments, none, commando armor when on undercover op missions

Weapons: The Force. Has a single lightsaber, hilt is black and gold. The crystal in the blade is unique crystal from Scott's homeworld. The crystal usually gives the blade a deep blue hue with deep purple strands near the core of the blade. When Scott floods the blade with the force, however the blade turns a pure white in color. Custom interchangeable blaster rifle. Dual Echani vibroblades


Little of Scott Chain's early life is known as his homeworld resides behind the boundries of the Unknown Regions deep in nebula space. Spacers who saw ships on the boardering nebula commented on a sleek design of bone white beauty. Often they were dismissed as nebula ghosts for being so elusive. But... through Scott's life his species, known as the T'vian, have made an appearance in the galaxy since a time before the Republic.

Some of Scott's earlier memories were of a lush, humid, and mountainous world. Replaced by the scene of a stark white corvette bulkhead. Scott's parents were chosen to venture out beyond the "veil" or nebula of T'vian space. Every millennia the strongest clan of T'vian would chose a warrior to go out into the galaxy and update their archives on events and the status of the current time. As all T'vian are Force-sensitive to some degree the strongest warriors wields the strongest Force-sensitivity. What Scott didn’t know was that he would be plunged into a war ridden life.

Scott was 6 years old when he and his parents left his home world. His father was a strong and well respected warrior. His mother was a lovely healer. His parents were given the task of exploring the Galaxy outside of their small empire. Dantooine was one of the first planets explored by his parents and him. The force filled him with many pleasant auroras. The academy and crystal caves there intrigued him especially, but because his parents wished to remain more discrete he was forbidden to explore such areas. On Ossus Scott received his firs raw pain through the Force; so many that had died was etched into the millennia of a barren planet.

It had been 9 years since the start of the galactic war that consumed the known galaxy. Scott’s life took a dramatic transformation on Balmorra. The war had, for the most part, continued away from the core worlds. Scott and his parents had been touring the great factories on the world when the Sith invasion force struck. Mistaking Scott’s parents for Jedi warriors, the Sith attacked his family. From behind a boiler Scott watched as his mother and father fought the invaders. One after another the Sith fell, but eventually they became overwhelmed. Finally a Sith Lord strolled into the scene and up to his father, impaling him in the chest with a blood red saber. Scott watched in horror as his father fell to the ground. Scott’s mom rounded on the Sith Lord, slicing the dark beings cheek wide open. The wound hardly phased the man, and he drove his blade straight into her stomach.

Fury emanated from Scott. He ran out onto the battle field in full rage. Calling upon the Force he slammed a Sith trooper into a wall. He then locked the arm of an adept, plunging the adept’s own saber into themselves. The Sith Lord roared in amusement, extended a hand and grabbed Scott in the Force. “That’s right. Feed your anger. It gives you strength.” The Sith Lord chuckled to himself and dropped Scott next to his mother. Extending a hand his mother dropped a small necklace into his hand. It contained a small crystal that began to illuminate the minute it fell into his grasp. The Force presence of his mother vanished and Scott was left there, alone.

The Sith took Scott, with plans of training him to join their ranks. Their plan dissolved when the Republics counter strike came. Scott was freed from the Sith by a Jedi Knight by the name of Rowand. Sensing Scott’s strong presence in the Force, Rowand brought him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscaunt.

Before the council Scott was accepted for training. There he was viewed curiously by the masters of the council. All Jedi came from varying and unknown origins, but the council saw something unique in him.

"Viewing him through the force... is like seeing color in an otherwise black and white galaxy. This is not ment in expressing his potential powers, but how his presence stands out. He is not from the known galaxy, yet he is now, tragicaly, involved in it." Master Rowand commented in a discussion with the council.

Upon entering the Jedi Order Scott made a silent vow to himself that he would find the Sith Lord that murdered his parents. And, when he did, he would offer him a death both painful and drawn out.

He was immediately separated from the other apprentices due to his violent nature when it came to combat. Often he would only spar with masters who could easily redirect his blood rage. It was noted that when Scott went into a blood rage his appearance would change. Glowing clan markings would start to appear, his eyes would dimmly glow a light blue, and his hair would sheen to a stark white from it's usual black.

Five years past and Scott was taken into apprenticeship by the man who had saved him on Balmorra. Scott used the gem that his mother had given him to create his lightsaber. For the next 6 years Scott and his master fought alongside Republic forces, against the Sith Empire. When he was 17 Scott encountered the Sith Lord that had slain his parents. His master urged him to give up his revenge filled heart, but the rage ran too deep. Scott engaged the Sith Lord, revealing himself as Darth Gareth. The battle ended quickly, with Scott defeated and broken. Leaving Scott with a reminder, a scar across his eye, the Sith Lord departed before Rowand and others caught up.

In the silence of the night Scott left the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Order as a whole. It was not for him. Their ways, their codes, their beliefs. To him there was no light and dark... there was only the Force. The Order was too restricting... he wanted to know more... as his parents had been tasked to do. So, he set out into the galaxy, avoiding the war where he could. Reaching out to worlds and searching for techniques in the force that intrigued him. He became a ghost... and the galaxy forgot about him.

8 years later, after traveling the Galaxy and learning new techniques in the Force, Scott returned to the troubled galaxy. He settled on his childhood memory of Dantooine. It was different from what he remembered but the Force was still strong there. Shortly after, however, the war reached Dantooine. Sith assassins attacked the Jedi on Dantooine. The assassins killed many farmers on the sparsely populated world. It was more than enough reason Scott needed to decide that the Galaxy needed to settle down so innocents like the farmers of Dantooine wouldn't suffer. Scott decided it was time to uphold the promise he took when he joined the Jedi Order, to be a Guardian of the Republic.

Scott didn't get far before the Treaty of Coruscaunt was signed. At first Scott thought about heading back to Dantooine thinking the galaxy could probably do without him after all. That’s when, unaware of the terms of the Treaty, the Sith started to occupy worlds the Republic left. Republic forces left the world on which he was visiting and the Sith moved in. He hid his presence knowing the Sith would stop him. He was almost to his transport when Sith troops surrounded him. How could they have found me Scott wondered, as he drew his lightsaber. That’s when he heard a soft but firm voice from behind him say,
"You! You will answer to the Sith, Jedi."

"You’re mistaken miss I'm no Jedi," Scott said as he turned around and his heart froze. In all the years amongst his travels he had never seen or heard of any other of his kin in this makeshift of the Galaxy. He had no clue the cordinence of his people as they evaporated with the death of his parents.

Yet here before him one stood. There was no doubt. The Sith apprentice before him was a T'vian. The apprentice had to be in her early twenties. She had long chestnut brown hair braided behind her with a few strand loose across her face. Her ears were small and pointed. Her face looked as if it were carved by Angels from the moons of Veago. In fact in all his years of life and travel he had never seen anyone or anything as beautiful. No wonder she was able to sense him... T'vian must be able to detect each other.

"If you’re not Sith," She straightened her pose as if she were trying to make her poster perfect for a Master. Something changed in her thought process, "and you’re not Jedi... yet you carry a lightsaber... a little hard to believe. Surrender your weapon and submit to interrogation."

"I'm afraid I can't do that miss," and with a bow Scott used the Force to hurl anyone not strong enough in the force to repel the blast. The apprentice in front of him held her ground as did a few of the masters around him, only knocked back a few steps. All the Sith troopers were blown back several meters along with one or two masters and apprentices that were caught off guard. With that a snap-hisss of several energy weapons sounded.

Before the first strike even fell on him he slice open the belly of one Sith and the arm of another. Then his blade clashed with the T'vian apprentice in front of him. Blow by blow he knocked her back until she somersaulted over him to regain the advantage. Or so she though. Scott lanced out with another force wave this time more powerful than the last. The apprentice flew backwards into another Sith. Scott called on the Force and sped away. After getting off world Scott sat in his transport The Kuttless and plotted his next move. He would meet that apprentice again of that he was certain.


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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:20 pm

Holy shit. It's a bio man. Just post the fan fic lol...

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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:22 pm

Species/Race: T'vian
Name: Kira Lok
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown Regions
Date of Death: NA
Place of Death: NA
Age: Mid Twenties
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Chestnut brown long, sometimes braided, white when flooded with the Force.
Facial Appearance: Slender and beautiful, usually with a kind expression.
Eye Color: Deep green, white/blue when flooded with the Force.
Body Appearance: Slender and tight with muscle. Force tattoos on right side. Slightly pointed ears.

Home Planet: Unknown
Ship: Darkfall- refitted, advanced Sith starfighter
Allegiance: Sith

Armor: Wares a tighter fitting tunic with a cloke, when in battle she wears slender, light, golden armor on key parts of her body, minus her right arm and head, her left arm is armored fully with a force sensitive metal alloy that allows her to amplify her powers through it.

Weapons: The Force. Has a single lightsaber, hilt is dark silver and blad is a brilliant gold. A katana welded from the hard metal alloys of Zoist. Custom dual heavy blasters.


Kira has no knowledge of her past. In fact she can’t remember anything beyond 12 years ago. Her earliest memory came from when she stepped out of a kolto tank aboard a Sith medical cruiser. From there she was found to be strong in the force. She was taken to the Sith academy on Koribon and trained. Much of the training felt natural to her and her masters glistened with approval.

Then one day a Sith Master named Darth Velmoras came to the academy, searching for an apprentice. Darth Velmoras was a well known Master to the Sith of the academy. Younglings and Masters at the academy had told stories of the Master. She was a well known hero amongst the Sith. Master Velmoras was known for her unusual kindness amongst the upper Sith ranks. Darth Velmoras was not by any means of the imagination, weak. It was said that she ripped a Mandolorian battle cruiser out of space and into a moon to gain the attention of Mandalore. Indeed Darth Velmoras was powerful, and a powerful master needed a powerful apprentice. Kira caught the Master's eye immediately. Not because Kira was strong in the Force, but because of who she was. Master Velmoras had seen her kind before, and told Kira of her species, T'vian.

Kira, now Apprentice Kira, left Korribon and traveled to Zoist. On Zoist she was given a personal fighter to aid in an upcoming invasion into the Republic. Along with her master she won battle after battle, and became a greatly respected apprentice. Kira was an idol to many Apprentices.

The Force consumed her in battle as she slew Republic soldiers and Jedi alike. Then the Treaty of Coruscaunt was signed and blood-rush was gone. Unlike her peers, though (like her master), she loathed bloodshed. She preferred to heal rather than to hurt. The treaty suited her just fine. Her master and she were put on routine duty of holing systems and converting them into Sith governed ones. One day she was sitting in the barracks of a backwater world just relieved of Republic control. She sensed a presence that she had never sensed in any being before. For some reason it reminded her of herself in the force. Perhaps it was a Jedi trick. She told her master of the disturbance and Velmoras sent her with a detachment of Sith masters, apprentices, and troopers.

What she found was nothing she pictured it would be. Her squad had blocked the beings path and surrounded him at a spaceport. It had to be a Jedi sneaking about, but why was she the only one to be able to sense it and why did it remind her of herself. It didn't matter, she was sent on a task and she wouldn't get sidetracked by curiosities.

"You! You will answer to the Sith, Jedi." She used her most forceful tone she could muster. The being stopped and started to turn around pulling off his hood.

"Your mistaken miss. I'm no Jedi..." then the man froze when his eyes met hers. He emanated shock into the Force. He was a rather striking individual she thought.

"If you’re not Sith," damn, he was more than striking. She'd never seen anyone like him before. Well at least in her 10 year memory that she could recall. She straightened and continued, "and you’re not Jedi..." Then it hit her. He was of her kin. His eyes gave it away. They were on the verge of glowing, like hers. She fumbled for more words, "...yet you carry a lightsaber..." She had never had the urge to learn more about her people before, but now curiosity swarmed her. No she had a duty to perform. Curiosity could wait until interrogation, "...a little hard to believe. Surrender your weapon and submit to interrogation."

The man bowed to her, "I'm afraid I can't do that miss." Before she knew it a wave of Force hit her. Her reflexes ground her from flying off as she was pushed back a few steps. Snap-hiss and lightsabers were out. Before she could reach him he had cut down two of her squad mates. Then her blade met his and the blades crackled. He was strong, and he pushed her back several steps. She jumped up and over him in order to gain the advantage again. But, he was too fast when her foot hit the floor she was sent flying into a Sith Master. The blast was even more powerful than the last. By the time she regained focus the man was nowhere in sight. Kira cursed at herself.


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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:24 pm

Branch wrote:

Holy shit. It's a bio man. Just post the fan fic lol...

It's diff than the one I posted... towards the end it explains the current situation. Sorry... but I've been doing this post fer post. lol

Edit: right... to the point... er story now... >.>


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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:45 pm

Chapter I (Ya I know, after all that. :roll:)

The Force is your core…

Scott sat cross-legged in the training chambers of the Kuttless, floating above the durasteel floor, meditating. The Kutttless, a medium class battle frigate, refitted over the long years under the command of Scott Chain sat adorn in deep space.

Past it there is nothing… It binds all living life… Joins it in harmony… No there’s an imbalance… Too much unrest in this galaxy… Who was she… Wait there was something approaching…

The ship’s computer chimed with a mettalic female voice, “There is an incoming Sith battle cruiser, sir.” Scott lowered himself to the ground and slowly opened his eyes.

“They’re here, I know. Sooner than I expected, though.” Scott used the force to guide himself to his feet. He had stationed the Kuttless in deep space. He waited for his predators that had been chasing him since his incident on Daroth IV. There he had run into, potentially, his greatest discovery in his life. Another being like him. Another T'vian.

Unfortunately she was under the influence of the Sith. Which made it a little difficult for him to just walk up and say, “Hi, I’m one of your kin. Have you seen any more like us.” Although, Scott doubted that’s how he would have questioned her in the first place, under different circumstances.

But.. to the matter at hand. Scott made his way to the cockpit. He glanced down at the readout of his foe. It was a Sith dread-hunter. Two squadrons of Sith scout fighters were disembarking from the needle like battle cruiser. Five fighters to a squadron. He had wounded an entire squad of Sith masters, apprentices, and troopers. Then he made it off world undetected. Well almost. Still this is all they had put on his warp trail. It was almost insulting. They must of thought he was a simple Jedi spy.

He reached out into the Force to see if he could feel the T'vian apprentice. Surprisingly her presence wasn’t there. He wasn’t giving them enough credit. They had tracked him without her. Meaning they didn’t track him through the Force, but through modern tracking methods. Scott made a note in his head to upgrade his cloak generator and impulse drive. Maybe there was an ion leak. The fighters drew nearer, and Scott sat in patience. Then when the fighters were nearly on him he grabbed the control yoke twisting the Kuttless into a downward spire.

The fighters let lose their first folly from their laser canons. But, they were too slow. Scotts maneuvering veared clear of the scarlet beams of energy sending them into the void of space. Three clicks… Two… One… Scott spun the Kuttless into a loop heading right at the scout fighters. Flipping switch on the control yoke Scott trained the Kuttless’ forward cannons on the heart of the cluster of fighters.

His own scarlet beams lanced out and vaped about three of the scouts. These pilots were green. Scott felt a little guilty as his opponents were up against a far superior skilled opponent. He hardly had to even call upon the Force. Fortunately, Scott didn’t need to cause much more destruction for his plan to work.

There were now 7 fighters left. Two more otta make his scheme believable. Flipping another switch on the pilot's console, Scott warmed his two turreted dual cannons on the dorsal and belly of his sleek vessel. Once again the scout fighters released a volley just as the Kuttless reached the squadrons. Corkscrewing his battle freighter into the middle of the fighter pack most of the cannon fire missed him or glanced off his shields. Too late for them.

The dorsal turret caught one scout on the wing, then fired a second time into the heart of the craft blowing it to Nal Hutta. The belly turret delayed a little after Scott had passed through the crowd of fighters and fired into the engines of another scout killing its power and leaking atmosphere from the cockpit into a starry abyss. Scott steered towards the Sith dread-Hunter and fired the thrusters at full. The remaining fighters rounded to try and catch back up with the Kuttless. But, it was a futile attempt. The Kuttless out classed the fighters to an extreme degree, and sped away from the remaining scouts.

Scott armed an EMP warhead and targeted the sensor dome under the dread-hunter’s nose. The dread-hunter responded by launching a torpedo before Scott could let loose his warhead. Scott released his warhead and it screamed towards the dread-hunter’s sensor dome. Fortunately Scott’s EMP warhead was exceedingly faster than the Sith torpedo. But, Scott intended to use the torpedo to his ends. He grabbed the EMP missile in the force and hurld it at the dread-hunter. The Kuttless’ sensors began to sound and alarms went off as the torpedo grew nearer.

A half a second later and a shallow explosion followed by electrical bolts could be seen dancing across the dread-hunter’s bow. Perfect! Scott threw the Kuttless into an upward spin as the torpedo traced its target. Now for the final, and more difficult part of his plan. Scott opened a bay door on the belly of the ship, released and activated a decoy drone. Then reaching out to the force Scott felt the drone's electrical imprint and expanded its presence. Hitting another switch on the dash he activated Kuttlesses cloaking mechanism. At the same time that the ship faded into the stars Scott replicated the Kuttless around the drone.

Flawless. The Kuttless gained distance from the drone and torpedo. Scott watched as the torpedo detonated against the fake Kuttless. It was a kind of cold empty feeling watching even the copy of his ship blown to space debri. Scott pulled to a safe distance from the wreckage and watched.

“Not today di’kut.” Scott leaned back in the pilot’s seat and grinned.

His ship was completely cloaked and the Sith weren’t about to find him with their sensors in the state that they were. Plus they didn’t even know that they had destroyed a decoy. Better to be dead on the Sith records than to be an active target. Now that the Sith and Jedi were at a standstill the Sith would have plenty of time to focus on smaller matters. After a few hours the Sith departed after being satisfied that the ship had been fully vaporized. The drone that Scott had launched was full of compressed dilithium, that when detonated looked convincingly like debris.

Scott watched as the dread-hunter entered hyper-space and turned to the nav station. He entered in a code, zero-zero-zero. It was time he learned if the Jedi archives held any answers of his people. The Jedi archives were the most complete, known, archives in the Galaxy, so it was a good place to start. Scott sat back down in the pilot’s seat.

“Haven’t been there in a few years.” With that the stars began to stretch into lines and the blackness between the stars disappeared.


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PostSubject: Re: A New Journey   Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:16 pm

Chapter II

(Daroth IV capital Barracks)

Kira stared out of the viewport of the barracks. Daroth IV’s capital bustled with life. The planet’s cities were much like those on of Coruscaunt. Endless buildings, far as the eye could see, towered over the land. The barracks was an obscure tower that rose well beyond most of the other buildings.

“You need to stay more focused.” Darth Velmoras said from behind Kira. Velmoras was still Kira’s master and Kira intended to heed her advice. “Don’t dwell on the Jedi that got away. He has been delt with. I received confirmation about an hour ago. They even have a recording of it.”

“You’re right of course, master. Forgive me.” Kira turned around and uncrossed her arms. The so-called-Jedi could be dead, but she didn’t buy it. Holo recordings could be tampered with. She wouldn’t put it past a crew of Sith hunters who were scared that they had failed. “Do you really believe that the man was a Jedi?”

“I have no reason to suspect otherwise.” Kira’s master stood there with a bland expression. She had always been truthful to Kira. Sometimes Kira viewed her as a friend as well as a mentor. Velmoras handed Kira the holo recording of the battle with the Jedi that had gotten away. “He only wounded your squad. A sign of Jedi respect for life.”

Kira nodded and activated the holo recording. Sure enough there was a craft flying unbelievable maneuvers through the fighters. Then the recording ended with the destruction of the frigate by a torpedo from the Sith battle cruiser. She shut the holo emitter off.

“Mind if I keep this recording.”

“Go ahead. It’s only there to convince you.” Velmoras shook her head. Then her Force aurora changed from her rigid teacher presence to one of empathy. “I suppose it’s a pity. I wish they’d been able to capture him. It would have done you good, I think, to learn more about your species.”

Maybe I still can… Kira spoke under her breath.

“This is extremely dull.” Kira sighed with a change in topic. She brought her hands up behind her head in a relaxing gesture. “I mean I’m not particularly fond of battle, but just about anything beats guarding this kriffing backwater world.”

“Savor it. Actually, scratch that you’re outbound within a day. I came up here to give you your new orders.” Velmoras smiled.

“Why? And where are we headed to?” Kira asked with a slight hint of excitement.

“First of all it’s just you. And, you will be headed back to Dromund Kaas. The Council of Dark Lords has summoned you.” Velmoras had an extremely serious look on her face. The only thing Kira could summon to mind was that they had heard about her failure to capture a simple Jedi spy. Curse these times of cease fire. The Council of Dark Lords wouldn’t have paid this incident any attention if she weren’t sitting still.

“Can’t you carry out the punishment?” Kira asked slightly shaky.

“No.” Velmoras said firmly with a shake of her head. This wasn’t happening. Her master had always pulled through for her before. Although, Kira had never really failed at anything she did.

“What’s going to happen to me? Have you spoken to the council and explained the situation?” Kira asked hurriedly. Damn, she was showing fear of punishment. She was ashamed of herself. She had never actually failed at anything come to think of it. She had heard stories of well known apprentices being punished, and none of them had an ending that qualified as life. The thought chilled her.

“No. I mean you aren’t being punished. You’re advancing from apprentice.” Velmoras said with smirk. Relief flooded Kira. And then she was filled with excitement again. She ran the three steps to her master and hugged her. Her master laughed. “Honestly, child. You need to learn patience.”

“Yes... Thank you, master.” Kira blushed as she stepped back and bowed. Velmoras took a step forward and pulled her back up by Kira’s sholders.

“See, you’ll be standing beside me as an equal in no time. Just focus hard on your tests when you get to Dromund Kaas. “ Kira hugged her master again and started for the door. She wasn’t leaving for several hours, but she wanted to be ready at a moment’s notice. “Kira.”

“Yes, master.” Kira stopped in mid sprint and whipped around.

“Here are my last pieces of advice to you as your master.” Velmoras grew serious again, and Kira listened intently. “Your inability to capture the Jedi spy was a failure.” Kira let out a sigh and continued to listen.

“But, this will probably not be your last one. It is difficult, strong in the Force or not, to not screw up from time to time. However use these failures to your benefit. Learn from them and you will become more powerful each time.” Kira nodded and bowed. She looked almost as if she needed to run to the refresher. “Go.” Velmoras smiled, and Kira sprinted out the door.


Kira climbed into the cockpit of her personal advanced Sith starfighter. She named the craft Darkfall after the concept that once the enemy saw the fighter darkness fell upon them. Kira ran through a quick checklist of her craft. Prime condition, as always. The fighter hadn’t been in a battle for a couple weeks now.

It saddened Kira to think that she may lose the vessel when she reached Dromund Kaas. The Sith taught that attachments were good. It gave you something to fight for, but it could also be a distraction. She was taught to let go of such attachments when the time called for it. Still the craft had served her well in the past and hopefully still would in the future.

The starfighter rose from the hard durasteel floor of the hanger the craft was docked on. As she headed to her hyper rout, Kira glance back at the planet. A midsized Sith fleet orbited the backwater world. Somewhere down there was her master.

“Bye, master.” Kira said under her breath. She was bound for more than this bantha fodder rock. She felt slightly guilty as she was leaving her master to this uneventful station. Kira turned back to the cockpit council. The nav cordinance were locked in, and she activated her hyperdrive.

Well, now she truly would be bored. Dromund Kaas was over a day’s or two worth of lightspeed travel from the Daroth system. She pulled the holo recording of the supposed-Jedi-spy’s demise from one of her flight suit pockets. There while the stars streaked away she watched the recording over and over again. There were a couple of problems with what the holocam had recorded. First, it was interesting that the Jedi spy had launched an EMP warhead at the Sith battle cruiser. What did he hope to accomplish by that. It’s not like the warhead had enough punch to deactivate the cruiser’s weaponry.

Second, Kira saw the maneuvers that the Jedi spy made. In the end the Jedi made no attempt to oust the torpedo. Maybe the Jedi had accepted his fate. No, it didn’t sit right with her. The Jedi was out there somewhere and she would find him and get her answers. She put the holo recording up. It would be a long journey, and she hated that. Instead of living every riveting moment of the blue glow from the hyperspace channel, Kira put herself into a trance to pass the time. Events were starting to unfold and she relished it.


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Chapter III


The night swallowed Scott as he watched in horror, approaching the Jedi Temple district. His speeder gave a droning hum. In front of him, barely recognizable, were the smoldering ruins of the Jedi temple. The glow of ambers lit a good portion on the sector in the dark. Yes, it was dark. Coruscaunt hardly had a crack or crevice that didn’t have some type of illumination on it, minus the under city. It was unbelievable. He had heard rumors that key sections of the planet wide city had been wiped out in the recent attack, upon landing on Coruscaunt. But, this… this was unforgiveable.

Leave it to the Sith to destroy something beautiful...

It must have been about a week and a half since the treaty and fires in, and around, the temple were still burning. Grief filled Scott. He had many fond memories of the temple here. He remembered being about 15 years of age and his Master, Rowand, watched over him as he constructed his first lightsaber. He had his first crush on a girl here amongst these now smoldering ruins. Although his master taught him the dangers of forming relationships, Scott couldn’t help learn the hard way. Sharia, was her name. She had died long ago, early in the war. Her death was part of the reason he left the order. The thought of Sharia’s face made him grimace.

He had learned his lesson long ago and knew that he would never be able to truly hold onto anyone again. In a way both the Sith and Jedi taught this. Sith taught that passion could fuel one’s ambitions, but that you should never weave anything you weren’t able to break. Jedi seemed to just avoid the subject altogether. Come to think of it, it was a good way for most warriors to live their life.

Ahead of him the temple grew closer. There was no traffic anywhere near the temple. This would be a complication. Scott usually wished to remain unnoticed. How strange though. There were no security vehicles of any type that Scott could see. It was as if the world were letting the temple burn and watching in silence. The Sith had already fully vacated the capital of the Republic a week ago. Had the Jedi just abandoned it?

It seems as if the Jedi, nowadays, have no respect for their symbols… Scott thought to himself. He parked his speeder a block from the temple and continued on foot.

A few minutes later Scott was staring up at a crumbling wall of the temple on a walkway between a cantina and the temple itself. The great stairs that led to the top were carved out into giant pockets of debris and black carbon scores. Slowly and gradually, Scott made his way to the top. He had to Force leap occasionally due to the absence of the steps altogether. When he reached the top he received a void feeling in his chest. Someone was watching him. Scott paused.

So, the temple’s not as lifeless as it is from a distance...

Scott drew in his presence in the Force. Melting into the Force Scott stood there, his cloak whipped about by a steady wind. His cloaks tattered threads growing since he left the order. It was appropriate attire for this moment. The giant statues carved of past Jedi masters were hardly recognizable, except with an imagination. He drew his hood up and continued forward into the temple.


Nearly an entire nights worth of searching, and nothing. Scott could still feel a presence watching him, studying him. Something was familiar about the presence.

He knew from the start that he wasn’t going to lose the being, or beings, whether or not they could sense him in the Force. He climbed and worked his way through the temple’s debris and wreckage. The archives were hardly intact, let alone being recently looted.

No, the Jedi must have taken what was left of the archives to Tython...

Scott only hoped that the files, if they existed at all, were not vaporized in the Sith attack. Just as he completed his thought, a snap-hiss sound echoed behind and above him. Scott’s lightsaber flew to his right hand as he channeled a wave through the Force with his left at the oncoming opponent.

Scott’s Force push caught the attacker in mid air and projected the being at a 90 degree angle from their original path. His foe had leapt from a hole in the ceiling that had obviously been blown apart by a Sith concussion rifle. The being was quick to recover and completed a back flip, landing on the stone floor.

His opponent wore the usual garments of a Jedi. The being’s hood prevented Scott from seeing the person's face. From what he could tell it was a man, about 6 foot three inches. The man’s muscle dwarfed Scott easily. Then as quickly as he flew backwards the attacker rushed forward, leaping over various rubble before he reached Scott.

Scott activated and brought his lightsaber up just as the man bore down on him with his own weapon. The man’s emrald blade crashed into Scott’s dark blue (with deep purple swirls at its core) blade. The force caused Scott to draw back a couple of steps. Scott stepped to the side and let the man pour his energy out at the floor. Quickly the man reversed his strike into a side swipe and caught Scott’s glowing blade again.

With that Scott went on the offensive, changing his technique to throw off his opponent. Flipping up and over the man Scott lashed out at the man. The man brought his saber up and deflected the strike. Landing on two feet Scott leaned back as his opponent swung at him. The next strike Scott pulled into a roll and brought his blade up under the man’s guard.

Another snap-hiss and the man activated a blue lightsaber to block Scott’s upper cut. The man came at him furiously. Scott parried and dodged every strike, giving the man no ground. Catching one of his opponent’s sabers Scott held his saber in a backwards style behind him. Before the man could bring his duel saber to bare Scott reached a hand out and sent the man tumbling backwards once again.

This time Scott surged forward and gave the man little time to recover. Throwing a barrage of slashes and stabs, Scott moved about in a dance like manner. The man weaved his blades into a shield and continued to step back. It was all he could do, and in the end Scott beat his guard down.

The man’s green saber slammed into the ground. Scott pulled a round-about kick and launched the man onto his back, un-masking him. His face showed several years of battle and war. Grey streaks started to show in his long, black hair, and beard. Surprise filled Scott.

“Go ahead Sith!” the man sneered, “Kill me and I shall become stronger than you will ever know!”

“Tempting… but no.” Scott deactivated his lightsaber and pulled off his hood. The man sat and stared at Scott. He couldn’t seem to believe what he was seeing. “Since when did you start wielding dual?”

“You… how d’you? Why are you?” The man couldn’t seem to find the right words. He grabbed Scott’s hand and stood.

“I would have thought you’d have recognized me from my saber, Master.” Scott looked at the man. The man had once been his mentor, his master. Before him stood his old master, Rowand. Rowand finally found words.

“Well for one, you’ve definitely filled out. And two, I couldn’t even sense you in the Force.” Rowand continued to stare at his old apprentice.

“It’s a new trick I learned in my travels.” Scott chuckled at Rowands first comment. He was relatively scrawny when he had left the order. Rowand nodded in a why-didn’t-I-figure-that-out way. Scott had always been the apprentice that would be caught rummaging through the archives to find techniques that had been forgotten or were deemed too unstable for the average Jedi to learn.

“You’re listed as dead in the archives, you know.” Rowand continued. Scott nodded and went back to rummaging through rubble with his foot. “Where have you been?”

“Many places. Forgotten places.” Scott looked back to Rowand on the ‘forgotten’ note and then went back to rummaging. Rowand couldn’t seem to think of anything to say, even though he had about a million questions that he wanted to ask.

“What are you looking for? And for that matter why did you come back?” Rowand demanded.

“I’m looking for information from the archives.” Scott said, not bothering to look at Rowand. “Come back? No, I haven’t really come back. At least not in the sense you ask it. The Jedi Order will always be in my past, Rowand. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for the Orders teachings and taking me in. But, I am not meant for the Order.”

“You left in anger. No one cast you out.” Rowand obviously didn’t understand. Scott turned and faced Rowand.

“You misunderstand me. I no longer seek revenge against the Sith Lord that murdered my parents. I am searching for something else now.” Scott said flatly.

“Another Force technique? Scott, you couldn’t learn all the techniques there are to learn if you spent 50 lifetimes observing them.” Rowand sighed.

“I’m not looking for a new technique.” Scott eyed Rowand.

“Then what is it that you seek?” Rowand looked worried. Scott looked Rowand over and appeared to be thinking something over.

“I’m not really sure myself.” Scott looked with a dismal grin at the surrounding debris. “I assume you took the archives and holocrons to Tython.”

“Yes.” Rowand was figuring what Scott was trying to get at.

“Then that’s where I’ll head to.” Scott turned and began walking out of the temple.

“Do you really think they’ll just let you walk in and look through whatever you want?” Rowand asked.

“No.” Scott answered flatly and continued to walk away.

“Then how do you expect to get in?” Rowands words seem to bounce off Scott as he continued walking.

“I have my ways.” Scott knew the remark didn’t sit well with Rowand.

“You still have a lot to learn.” Rowand chuckled more to himself. This seemed to stop Scott and he turned.

“Well I do have an easier option, but you always said not to take the easy way out.” Scott stared and the graying man. Rowand looked back with a worried look.

“What else are you doing, besides guarding the smoldering ruin that could hardly be more plundered than it already has?”

“I thought you might ask. At least if you go there I’ll go with.”

“I thought so too. “ Scott turned and continued to walk out of the room.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve got a ship.” Scott pulled up his hood and continued into the night.


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Chapter IV

(Dromund Kaas)

Kira stood outside the council chambers trying her best to keep her body from shaking. The room outside the council was a grand hall. Almost everything in the hall was made from black obsidian and glowed soft green from the glow rods along the wall. The only other lighting came from a great fireplace in the center of the hall. There were no seats directly outside of the council chambers, and Kira wasn’t about to be caught sitting. She was excited, yet she feared what the council was going to put her through. A lot of apprentices didn’t make it through their trials. And, to make matters worse, it was rare for the council to single an apprentice out for advancement styles.

No… I can and will pass… There’s nothing they can throw at me worse than what I’ve faced in battle…

Kira tended to her thoughts. Although she wasn’t trying to make herself arrogant, it was keeping her mind from wandering. Kira wondered if all apprentices went through this nervousness.

“Apprentice Kira Lok you are to report into the council chambers now.” A female Kel-Dor Master walked out of the council chambers and stopped in front of Kira. Kira bowed and the Kel-Dor walked down through the rows of benches leading to the council chambers. Cautiously, but swiftly, Kira entered the chamber.

It was cold, so cold Kira’s skin started to rise with bumps. The chambers were much darker and more ominous than the great hall. The lighting was turned down to a level that almost made Kira squint. The giant, black doors to the council closed with a low rumble.

After a moment Kira’s eyes adjusted and she peered around as far as her eye sockets would allow. The room was empty except for eleven thrones that circled the outer part of the room. They were elevated slightly on a solid obsidian platform. The path to the center of the room, and the center of the room itself, were lower.

“Come.” A deep and almost inhuman voice boomed. As she ventured further in, Kira noticed that all of the thrones, save one, were empty. At the throne in the center of the room on the far part of the circled room sat a man. His head was bald and shone in the soft, green light.

He wore something like a black wrapping; except that he wore thick garments from the waist down. The only other color he wore was a gold clamp where his wrappings went over his shoulder. His body was covered in black tattoos that reminded Kira of the flames from the fireplace outside the council chambers and were made all the more apparent by his pale white skin.

He sat relaxed in his throne with his head on his fist, supported by the arm of the throne. Once in the center of the room, Kira bowed. The man was a giant and his body was one of the most muscular that Kira had ever seen. His presence in the force was overwhelming and bore down on her so thickly she thought she would suffocate.

“You know why you’re here. Your master has requested that you be tested out of apprenticeship. Tell me, do you believe your master is in the authority to ask anything of the council?” The Sith Lord sowed his words with distaste as the word ‘master’ left his lips. The question confused her. She knew there were Sith Lords that despised her master, but could this hatred go up through the council? Was the Emperor himself displeased with her master’s ways?

“I am unaware of her dealings, my Lord.” Kira barely mustered the strength to keep her words from trembling out.

“Indeed.” The Sith Lord straightened. “Recite the Sith Code then.” Kira was taken aback by the sudden change but continued nonetheless.

“Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.” Kira stated in a flawless manner. The Sith Code was wired into every Sith alive and it was hard to screw it up. The lord closed his eyes. He was seeing Kira through the force, and his presence became a cold, heavy cloak. He opened his eyes with a jerk. His red silted eyes wandered over the chamber as if Kira wasn’t there. It seemed as if he was considering something. Then his gaze returned to Kira. Her heart skipped a few beats.

“You are now a Sith Nightblade. From this moment forth, you will be Darth Kiranas.” The dark lord leaned back in his seat as he spoke the words that stunned Kira.

What!... That’s it!... Is this somehow the test!...

Kira wanted, badly, to question the lord but bit her tongue and continued to stand in perfect form.

“Your feelings give you away Kira Lok. For you to truly become Darth Kiranas you must be hardened, broken. How you do that is up to you.” Kira bowed, still perplexed.

“Yes, my Lord…” Kira hesitated for a moment but quickly finished the statement. She didn’t know which Sith Lord he was. Regardless if she knew it or not the dark lord didn’t seem to care. She waited a moment and expected the lord to dismiss her, but he continued.

“As your first mission I am personally sending you to Ralltiir.” Kira grew alarmed. Ralltiir was a major frontline on the border of Sith space. It was part of the Perlimian Trade Route and the system from which the Sith had launched their surprise attack on the Republic’s capital, Coruscaunt.

“You wish me to aid in another attack against the Republic my Lord?”


Then why the kriff…

“You are to… remove the commanding Sith Lord and his cabinet of officers… as well as anyone who stands in your way.”

“My Lord?...” That was all Kira got out before her feet began to leave the ground and her hands rushed to her neck.

“You question the meaning of my order? You are not one to question. You are a dejaric board piece. A servant of the dark side of the Force. My servant now. You will show no mercy. You will kill.” The Sith Lord released her and she fell to her knees gasping for air. He hadn’t even lifted a finger. Knowing her position with him now she bolted back to her feet and bowed again. “Your master has left you weak. Do not return without such atonement.”

"Yes my Lord, forgive me. I will depart at once.” She glanced up at the darkness that sat before her. The lord gave a wave and dismissed her. The dark, heavy obsidian doors swung open. Turning around, Kira cautioned herself to walk out of the chambers at a steady pace. She could hardly stop herself from sprinting.

She wanted greatly to contact Velmoras for advice and guidance, but there was the chance that the Sith Lord would not approve. Gradually more questions began to pour into her head. She had been too hyped on adrenaline to focus fully in the council chambers.

Which lord on the council was that? Why was it only he that saw her? Why was she being sent to kill another Sith Lord? How was she expected to take on a fully ranked Sith Lord, let alone an army that guarded him? Where were her trials? Had she just been advanced on merit? And, finally, what status had she been given? What the hell was a Nightblade? She had never heard of one before.

She had been given a task, and she was set on succeeding. Then she thought back to what the Sith Lord had asked of her. The Sith code. Kira focused on the part about peace. She truly wanted peace, but in order to gain that she had to see that it was a lie. There was no true peace.

But, perhaps… First you start with passion. Kira had plenty of that. Then you gain strength. Kira had that as well. Through that strength she could grab power, which was entirely possible, that she just received that. Then Ralltiir would have to be her first true victory. After that she would be able to break herself of her chains. The Sith Lord had said she was his servant. A servant of the darkside. He was her chains now. If she were able to break her chains then she could possibly instill peace. What could stop her? And at last… the Force would free her.


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Chapter V

Scott walked through the great doorways that made up the new Jedi Temple on Tython. If it were not a war going on the council would probably have interrogated him. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and the already over-swamped Council was too busy. Not to mention the size of the Council shrunk with every year in the war. With the mess the war had made it would not be a surprise to see him around, as many others had left the Order's strict ways. Though it would be tough to sneak by an entire Jedi Temple to gain access to the archives, he was set on what needed to be done for him to achieve his goals.

Rowand led the way in front of him. Beings parted the way for the large master. The place was in a buzz of activity. Construction workers, Jedi, Republic solders, and the likes moved about.

“You realize you can’t just walk in and access the archives?” Rowand said almost nervously.

“I was hoping you could help me with that.” Scott said on queue.

“I know someone who might be able to help you.” Rowand spoke softly.

They continued walking through the new temple. Ruins of past Jedi buildings were being incorporated in the new temples designs. Finally at the end of the hallway they reached an opening that led to a large balcony. The scene was magnificent. This side of the temple was built along the edge of a cliff.

The balcony extended out over the cliff. Below there was a long valley cut off by giant mountains in the distance. A forest covered much of the valley. In the distance on the valley floor more ruins could be seen. It's beauty filled Scott with fresh scents and Force energies.

Rowand continued to the railing of the balcony and put his hand on it and stared out into the vastness. Scott stood closely by, with his arms folded in his robes. He decided to dress more inconspicuous while on Tython. His robes were not the clean pressed robes his former master wore. They were faded and tattered.

“What exactly is it that you are looking for?” Rowand mused. “I mean if I am going to assist my old apprentice to gain access to the archives I need to know that it isn’t something diabolical.”

Scott smirked. He could conceal his presents if he wanted to keep his old master from reading him through the Force, but he wanted him to sense his sincerity.

“Like I said before, I’m not really certain. A map, I think. Or a location of a significant star chart.” Scott paused and continued to stare out into the roaming landscape. “And, any information regarding my origins.”

“You’ve looked in the archives before for that. I know, because I was the one who caught you doing it.” Rowand said reminiscing. He pulled and hand through his graying hair.

“Not in the more exclusive sections I didn’t. And the type of star chart I’m looking for wouldn’t be in the regular section of the Jedi archives.” Scott said in a flat tone.

“I doubt you will be able to access the higher archives. Most masters aren’t even allowed to rummage through them.”

“Well, like I said I have my ways. I could offer some knowledge on techniques I’ve learned outside the Order. If anything they can add it to the archives. That is assuming it’s not already there. Though I’m sure much of it is missing anyways, after the attack on the Temple at Coruscant.”

“They won’t accept that as a reason to visit the higher archives. You know that.” Rowan said in a more grave tone.

“Yes, I do. But, it will make me feel better about what I will have to do in order to get in.” Scott turned to his master, and Rowand shook his head.

“Oh no. No I can’t let you do that.”

“It’s already done.” Scott grinned.

“At least let me see if I get you into the basics. Look through that first. Then if you don’t find what you need… well… I hope it doesn’t come to that.” Rowand pleaded.

“You know that kind of information won’t be in there. Does Jarl-Tulek still work under Master Gnost-Dural?”

“No, Master Gnos-Dural has been working on a project lately. Jarl is working under Master Shen now. Which, coincidentally, was who I had in mind. Master Shen is one of the masters that has access to the higher archives.”

“Master Shen?”

“Yes. You should remember him. He was one of your tutors when you came to the Order.”

“I remember him, I just was surprised to hear he’s still alive.”

Scott thought back. Master Shen was an old graying Bothan. Scott reminisced about the elder master. His fur would always ruffle in the way that Bothans showed emotion. He always seemed like the wisest master, to Scott. It was surprising to Scott as most of the elder members of the Order tended to die out in the war.

“When can I meet with him? This could take a while for me to run through.”

“Patience. Enjoy the scenery for now. You can discuss your venture with Master Shen tomorrow. Like I said before, everyone’s busy.” Rowand spoke like a master would to an apprentice.

“Forgive me.” Scott felt slightly foolish. He had not been this impatient since before he left the Order. Rowand chuckled.

“It’s good to see you again. Tell me of some of your travels.” The two sat out on the balcony for several hours catching up on past events.


The dull glow of the archives gave the room a blue haze. It was a tranquil setting for those who wished to study. Scott sat hunched over a desk full of data pads, charts, and holorecords. The room that had once been a tranquil place, made his head throb. He had been in and around the archives for several weeks with little rest. As he rubbed his temples a soft, low voice spoke.

“Find anything of use yet?” Said the friendly voice.

“Master Shen.” Scott said in greeting as he turned around in his seat. He looked at the graying Bothan, his fur rippled. “Yes… Yes, I think I have. Thank you.”

“Ah, good.” The master said with a smile and a purr. “I take it you will not need to venture into the high archives then?”

“Well… not yet at least.”

“Well you’ll have to discuss that with the Council.” The Bothan said and let the matter drop. “Walk with me, will you?”

Scott gave the master a nod. He checked his personal data pad to make sure all his downloads were complete. Then he stuffed the data pad into his robes. The master gestured and Scott followed. The graying Bothan led him outside the temple and up some ancient Jedi ruin stairs. This led to the top of the cliff face.

At the top there were remnants of more ruins, most of them being broken pillars. At the edge of the cliff were a small series of stone benches. The master walked over to the benches and sat, breathing in a deep breath of air. Scott followed and stood by the elder master, overlooking the valley below.

“A beautiful sight, is it not?” The master said in contentment.

“Yes.” Scott knew what the conversation was going to lead up to.

“Where will your travels take you now?”

“I don’t know.” Scott said though it was only half true. He had visions all the time of locations he would be and had been, most accurate to his memory. The Bothan merely nodded.

“Can you tell me what you are looking for, at least?” Scott felt a pang of guilt. Then he decided it wouldn’t change anything if he were to tell the master some of his goals.

“Some sort of star map, and a woman.”

“Interesting combination. Has this woman stolen from you?”

“No, but she’s the only other of my kind I’ve seen in this galaxy.”

“So you have found another.” The Bothan echoed. After entering the Jedi Order Scott had been singled out. His Force presence was different from other young. The Force emanated from Scott unlike any other being the Order had seen. Coming to Tython might not have been the best choice, but at least the Council here was not deceitful. “And where did you find this woman?”

“On Daroth. She’s a Sith warrior.” Scott said with a sinking feeling.

“Hmm… It will be difficult for you to approach her.”

“Yeah…” Scott ran a hand through his hair.

“What will you do once you do finally contact her?”

“I don’t know.” Scott said absent mindedly. “Ask her what she remembers of her home world, I guess. I wouldn’t normally follow such a lead, but the Force is driving me to do so for some reason. ”

“The Force’s will can be a strange one at times.” The master chuckled and changed the subject again. “You leave the Order for a decade and now here you are.”

“It’s very different out there, Master Shen. There are techniques, that I’ve learned, that scare me to know even exist. I can see why the Council keeps such strict doctrine on what many Jedi learn. Especially in this war, where Jedi fall frequently.” Scott studied the landscape.

“You fell once even.” Master Shen said calmly.

“Yes, at least I thought I had. I gave into my anger too easily. I wanted revenge. Now none of it matters. I don’t even know if that Sith Lord is still alive, or died in some battle years ago. But, I don’t see sides to the Force anymore, master. There are only beings. The Jedi are only right in the fact that the Force controls us, not the other way around. That’s why the fate of all Sith is destruction. That is why they are corrupt. For thousands of years Jedi have been here. Sith have never won much in the grand scheme, and are often wiped from the galaxy’s face.”

The Bothan just noded.

“I see your philosophies have changed much, but we won’t discuss such things now. Master Rowand mentioned that you wished to leave certain materials here.” The master stated more than asked. Though, Scott knew the elder master wanted to know what it was he was giving them.

“I have collected many… artifacts and holocrons in my travels. I wish to leave some here in the safe keepings of the Order. Not all of what I have collected are here, though. Much of it will remain in my home on Dantooine. Perhaps I will feel it is necessary to share such discoveries with the Order once this war is over. But I don’t trust many, if anyone, with much of what I have discovered and learned.”

“Well then, the Order accepts your offer. Thank you. I’m sure the archivists will be thrilled to have something other than half burnt holorecords to pick through.” The elder master smiled in his Bothan way. Scott stood, ready to depart. “Good luck, and may the Force be with you.”

“And with you as well master Shen. I’m sure I will be stopping by the Order more often.” Scott bowed to the master and the master returned with a nod. Scott strolled away from the cliff edge as the master looked back out across the land.

“Beware of what knowledge leads to, my old apprentice.” The master said to himself.


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Chapter VI

Kira took a deep breath as she stepped off the shuttle. She arrived in orbit a standard day ago, piloting Darkfall. She had been granted clearance to land aboard the Sith flagship in the fleet dispatched across the Ralltiir system. She waited patiently as the Sith Lord in command, Lord Arrag, cleaned up a few underground rebels. Kira didn’t buy it. The Sith Lord didn’t believe her at first, but then she showed him the seal of the Dark Council that she had been given on Dromund Kaas.

She managed to convince Darth Arrag that she was there to inspect the front lines for the Council of Dark Lords. Kira was almost certain that he wasn’t squelching rebellions. Arrag was hiding something. Perhaps this is why the dark lord from the council had sent her on this errand.

Kira decided to wear her battle armor in order to broadcast that she was there as a cold hand from the dark council. A katana, which had been specially welded for her from the metal alloys on Zoist, hugged her back. Her lightsaber hung on her belt. She prayed that the Sith Lord would truly only believe that she was there on inspection, and not sent as a death warrant. And yet more... she hoped he was intimidated by it.

“Welcome Darth Kiranas this is an unexpected visit. Please this way to our tactician room.” Lord Arrag was a tall individual. His most defining feature was his slicked back hair, which was fading to gray. He turned and Kira stepped into pace with him. A group of tacticianers, officers, and troopers fell in formation around them. In the past few weeks the Sith had been constructing a base on Ralltiir. On approach the base looked like a box torn in horizontal strips in various sections.

This could be easier than I thought…


“Here are the rebel leaders that I was in the midst of routing out when you arrived.” He gestured to a grouping of cells, which held their prisoners by a force field wall. The detention center was multiple large chambers with cells that littered the sides of the walls. It allowed jail keepers to keep a full eye on all inmates.

Darth Arrag nodded to a guard, and the guard deactivated the cell directly in front of the gathering of Sith. Two other guards rushed into the cell and dragged out a man about in his 50s. The man could hardly stand, and so he was held up at his knees. He was badly beaten and smelled as if he had not used a refresher in days. Darth Arrag walked around to the back of the man and bent over to speak into the prisoners ears.

“Where are the rest of your allies?” Arrag asked promptly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kira stood watching. Arrag straightened back up and continued to walk around to the front of the man. He gave another signal and the middle aged man was dropped. The man then tried his best to hold himself up on one hand.

“So you deny all involvement in the resistance against the Sith Empire since the Sith liberated your world?” Darth Arrag continued to question the man.

“Liberated! You’ve starved us, thrown us into factories to fortify your defenses! How have we been liberated?” It was all the man could muster to say. His words trembled from his mouth. Arrag had been standing with his back to the prisoner. Swiftly he turned. In an awesome display of power, Darth Arrag extended his hand and bolts of brightness streaked towards the prisoner.

“Have you know humility! Denying that the Sith are your rightful masters! You are weak and you will submit to my will!” Anger was strewn across Arrags face, while agony and pain streamed from the prisoner. Kira could feel the man’s torment in the Force. Arrag relaxed his hand and the dashes of lightening ceased. “Now. I will ask only one more time. Where are your reinforcements located?”

Fear and agony filled the man’s face as he struggled to get back to his knees. The Force lightning had dropped the man to the floor writhing.

“What do you want me to say! I am a simple man I only wish to provide for my family! I have done nothing wrong! I don’t know about any resistances! When the Si….” The prisoner’s last few words were garbled. This time Arrag’s hand came out in a fist. The prisoner gasped for air.

“Enough of your lies.” With a flick of his wrist the prisoners neck made a sickening crack. Thick blood poured from the man’s mouth, nose, and eyes. Kira’s mind was filled with horror. The man really hadn’t done anything. She could sense the dying mans thoughts. Arrag had done this just to convince her of what his dealings were. It was all the motivation Kira needed to perform her task that she had been sent to accomplish.

“No! Enough of your lies, Arrag!” With a snap-hiss of her lightsaber, it’s golden beam shot backwards into a Sith master that had been standing close by. Before anyone could react Kira had already pulled the blade from the master and swung it around cutting an officer in half. They began to converge on her. The last thing Kira saw before she dove into the battle was Darth Arrag’s face of shock.

Kira force heaved the next nearest being to her. From behind, Kira herd a snap-hiss and drew her katanwith her free hand to block the attack. Bringing the strike from behind over her head, she impaled the on comer on her gold blade. Her black and gold katana lashed out and relived another officer of their foot, sending them screaming to the floor as blood gushed everywhere.

Blaster fire ripped into the air. Kira back flipped and brought her saber up to deflect the crimson beams. She successfully landed a ricochet from her lighsaber into the chest of a guard. She grabbed another in the force and slammed them into the nearest wall, snapping their spines. Two masters, three guards, two officers, and one Sith Lord to go.

8… 7… 6… 3… 1…

Darth Arrag simply stood there and watched. Blood, limbs, and bodies littered the detention room. Kira turned to Darth Arrag drenched in blood and sweat.

“Simply amazing. I can only assume the Dark Council has sent you here to dispose of me and my officers. Come assassin and try to kill me!” Arrag shook his head and reached out in the Force to grip Kira and hurl her. He got her to about half way in the air before she repulsed in the force dropping herself back to the floor.

Kira had little time to react before Arrag sent a force wave in her direction. She twisted into mid air and to the side avoiding the blast. She reached out and released her own force wave at him. He easily stood there and simply reached out with a hand and redirected the wave into the wall next to him. The wave hit the wall and the detention center shook. A huge dent in the durasteel wall was the consequence of her blast.

“Your powers are exceedingly strong assassin. However, you will have to do much better than that if you wish to silence me.” Darth Arrag surged forward drawing his lightsaber releasing a crimson blade. He was on her fast. Kira could hardly block the Sith Lords powerful and quick strikes. He was too strong. With a quick and evasive swipe Arrag disarmed her of her lightsaber.

Another slash and he grazed her armor. The next attack tasted flesh. Arrag swiped the blade across her arm. A sickening smell reached Kiras nostrals. Another stab caught her off guard and sliced her side. Agony pierced Kira. She dropped to her knees barely holding onto her katana. She breathed heavily, and Arrag took a step back.

“Pitty, your talents could have served the Empire better in areas other than against its own.” Darth Arrag lifted his lightsaber to make the finishing blow.

No… I won’t go like this… There is too much that needs to be done… Master Velmoras… What would she think of me… No!… I won’t go!...

Kira sent a repulse surging through the force. Darth Arrag let the blade drop only to find himself flying through the air. Arrag hit the far wall and slumped. Recovering carefully, Kira stood. This time fear emanated from Arrag. He watched as flame-likel, marks began to spread across the right half of Kira’s body, and glow a soft white/blue. Her long chestnut hair began to turn white. Her irises began to glow with a gentle white/blue as her markings did.

Fear in Darth Arrag turned to hatred as he released a sneer. He acrobatically jumped to his feet and rushed forward again. Kira brought her katana up and blocked Arrag’s blow. Before he could turn another strike on her she lashed out. Arrag barely had time pull his swing back in time to deflect Kira’s attack. Step by step Kira beat Darth Arrag with an ease she had never felt before.

Power dripped from her. This was what power was, and the first thing she would do with it was ridding this galaxy of Darth Arrag’s filth. A misstep from Arrag gave Kira the opportunity to land a strike on Arrag’s leg. Her katana ripped through muscle and flesh and drove Arrag to the floor. Fear began to seep from Arrag again. Now he understood the fear he had instilled in the helpless prisoner.

Kira beat Arrag’s last attempted strike to the side and paused.

"Sheil noves." Kira uttered in her native tounge, 'It's finished'.

Continuing into a sweep Kiras blade relived Darth Arrag, Sith Lord, of his head. The deed was finished.

The clanking of armored footsteps could be heard coming towards the detention chamber. A few Sith trooper came bursting in through the doorway. The troopers grimly looked at the mess of gore all over the chamber and then to Kira. The troopers half raised their blaster rifles, but weren’t quite sure of how to proceed.

Kira stood there with her katana hanging in her hand. She made no attempt to take a defensive stance. Her body slowly began to return to normal. Her hair turned back to its usual chestnut brown color. Her eyes were green again. Her markings faded back in to blend with her skin. The Force gently flowed out from her.

“Think carefully where your allegiances stand troopers.” Kira stated. The soldiers slowly lowered their rifles and saluted.

“That’s a wise decision.” Enough deaths had occurred today. Kira really didn’t want to kill the troopers just following their orders. She turned and summoned her lightsaber from across the room, and she returned the hilt to her belt. She sheathed her katana and strolled out the detention chambers doors. The troopers followed her.

“Prepare a shuttle for me.”

“Right away mam.” One of the soldiers turned and walked off in another direction. Kira amused herself with a grin.

Now I have power…


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Chapter VII

Chandrila was a rather lovely world. Its climate kept at a relative calm and warm season most year round. Its surface was lush with rolling fields and mountains. Though the world was so close to the frontlines along the Perlemian Trade Route, it seemed as if the world had never known war. But, below the surface amongst the crystal caverns the air was cool.

Scott was surprised to find that the tomb was in the regular Jedi Archives. This tomb was built long ago by the Chandrilians in remembrance of a once great Jedi Knight. Now, Scott hoped, it housed something else. No, someone else.

Yes… You are here… I can feel you… I have many questions…


After several hours of descending the great abyss Scott came to a rock like dome. In it there was a crevice with just enough room for him to squeeze through. Scott landed with a quiet thud. Some rocks had clattered through the hole Scott came from. He glanced around the chamber. This was definitely it. A gruff yet old voice spoke from the darkness.

“It is good that you have come, Guardian.”

“You know me, Master Quelos.” Scott said with a calm tone, though he did not know what the voice meant by ‘Guardian’. The darkness began to fade as Force sensitive crystals along the walls and pillars began to shed a soft blue haze. Amongst the lights a shadow of a figure began to manifest itself before Scott. In its ghostly outline a woman appeared. The hood of her robe draped over her face. Only her mouth was visible.

“A title to which I no longer cling to. I am merely Nammi. Or, rather what is left of her presence in the Force.” Her voice filled the chamber.

“I hold no title either then, you must know.”

“No? Perhaps not.”

“I have questions…. But you know this already.”

“Do I? I have not ventured beyond these walls in centuries. What makes you think that I have the knowledge you seek?”

“You know far beyond what normal people can hope to know in a lifetime.”

“I would think the same of you, Guardian. But, ahh yes, you fear it. You fear the power that you have acquired over these long, long years. What would make you afraid I wonder?”

“A Jedi came here two centuries ago. A Jedi by the name of Valen Deku. His report in the Jedi Archives spoke of ancient star maps when he visited this place.” Scott changed the subject.

“Ah… yes. Valen, he did enter this tomb. He was much like you, in search of places this galaxy has long hidden. I assume that is how you discovered this place, through his notes.”

“Yes, do you know where I could find these star maps?” Scott propped himself down on some fallen rock.

“Do the archives mention that he found any?”

“No, but it did suggest that this was the best place for one to pick up on his research.”

“No, I do not know of any specific star maps. There were such maps discovered in the time of the Galactic Civil War, though I do not know where they lie. I can tell you where you may seek your answer, however.”


“You know her. You will need her if you wish to find your way home.”

“The Sith apprentice...”

“Indeed. But, you do not see her specifically. You wonder about your origins. Where they are from? Who they are? These are the questions you ask yourself. Ahh yes, she is there in the Force. You can feel her even at this distance across the galaxy. One, much like yourself.”

“Yes, how do you…” Scott began to ask but was cut off.

“I know many things. Perhaps you are overlooking the apprentice in specific. You share a bond with her, yet you do not know it. It is a bond that few in the galaxies history have endured, myself included. I do not have the answer that you come seeking. But, perhaps this Sith... is the key to the origin of your people.”

“But she is Sith. Why would she ever help me?”

“You are not seeing. Titles are not who we are. And that one has yet to be corrupted by their teachings. Have you ever listened to the Force?”

“I meditate quite regularly actually.”

“No, deeper than that. It is said that the Force has a will. Weather you wish it or not she and you are connected. And together you are a key to the future of this galaxy.” Scott’s attention turned fully to Nammi. He wished to change the topic.

“Why are you here Nammi?”

“It was an exile’s last gift to me before they left for the ends of this galaxy. They brought me here, where the Force is strong. They knew that I hated the Force, and so that I did not become swept up in its great void, they brought me to a place where they knew I would be able to preserve my presence.”

“That sounds more like a prison than anything.”

“A prison? No Guardian, not a prison. Here I reside because I choose to, because the one who brought me here asked it of me. They asked me to wait for one such as yourself to appear. Over the long years the Force has become something of a companion to me. Showing me what the galaxy sees. Now we get to the root of why you are here?”

“Why I am here?”

“Yes. You are here because you have a purpose to fulfill. You are here to succeed where all others have failed. The Force whispers to me of things to come, and of things that are. And it whispers to me that you are a key… a key to ending the threat that this galaxy faces.”

“I am not who you think I am. I am not a hero. I am not a savior or anything of the sort. I think you may have the wrong person. Though I wish to see this galaxy free from pain and suffering, it is not something I can control. I am one person.”

“There are others that will fight alongside you, but you are far more powerful than you think. You are not in the right frame of mind. You have two tools before you. You have more influence on them than you can imagine.”

“You mean the Republic and the Sith Empire, don’t you?”

“Of course. These are what you can use to silence the screams of war.” Scott stood and thought about it. It was an overwhelming concept.

No… How was this possible…

“Whether you want it or not the power is instilled in you.” Scott shook his head in disbelief, and turned to look up at the crack in the ceiling. He was preparing to Force jump to it, when Nammi spoke again.

“Know now that the Force has marked you. Know that wherever you travel it will follow you. It needs you. It created you. Become who you are meant to become. Do not run from it.” Scott leapt, up and through the crack.

“Farewell, Guardian of the Force... We will meet again.” With that the ghostly appearance of Nammi’s form wisped away, becoming one with the Force.


“She is strong indeed. The reports confirm that she has successfully completed her task.” The Sith Lords black wrappings blended in with the black obsidian suroundings. His black tattoos made his appearance all the more at set with the surroundings. “What is your will, my lord?”

“There is another.”

“Another, my lord?”

“Yes. She will bring him before me.”

“Forgive me my Lord, but I do not know of who you speak of.”

“Another like her. She knows of who I speak. One of her kin. The hunting party sent after him did not destroy him as they thought. His presence is still in this galaxy.”

“You are referring to the Jedi spy that was found in the Daroth system, my lord? I assure you he has been dealt with. I saw the report and record…” The Sith Lord’s head began to tremble. His hands ran to his forehead. It was an emince pain.

“Do you think my visions to be wrong Lord Karsh? I would hope not.”

“Forgive me my lord. I will set Darth Kiranas on the task as soon as she returns.” The pain ceased and Darth Karsh cleared his head and continued. “She needs to be motivated. She needs to be broken.”

“When she brings him, I will break them both.”

“If I may, my Lord?”


“Perhaps some motivation will convince her of her duty to the Sith, and strengthen her resolve.”

“Do as you wish Darth Karsh. I have no further uses for Darth Velmoras. She has served her purpose.”


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Chapter VIII
(Dromund Kaas)

Kira walked briskly and confidently through the black obsidian doors. She hardly felt the change in climate from the warmer great hall to the cold council chambers. Nothing was going to dampen her mood. Not even the harsh and heavy presence of a Sith Lord. Once again the only being that sat on one of the council thrones was the black tattooed lord.

“You have accomplished your task Kira Lok.” The dark being stated more than questioned. “Lord Arrag’s ambitions will no longer plague the Empire.”

Kira Lok?...

“Yes, my Lord.” Kira said with a bow.

“Good. Then your trial is complete. You are now truly Darth Kiranas.”

What… This was just a test…

“My Lord, forgive my curiosity, but this was just a test?”

“You underestimate your own powers Darth Kiranas. You may address me as Lord Karsh.” The man said with a wave of his hand.

“Of course, my Lord.” Lord Karsh had obviously taken note on their last encounter. He had seen her slip of the tongue. Kira had never met the full council. She had only seen the few that had come to the academy on Korriban. In fact she had never seen the Sith Emperor himself. Very few beings ever laid eyes on the Emperor, though. Master Velmoras was up for a seat on the council, she knew. Speaking of Velmoras, Kira would have to contact her to inform her old master of her promotion.

“Do not let your thoughts distract you, Nightblade.” The Lords voice boomed. Kira became focused again.

“Forgive me , Lord Karsh, but what is a Nightblade? In my studies I have never heard of one. Is it an assassin?” Kira half expected the large Sith Lords hand to fly out and strike with lightening, but the Lord simply remained leaning on one fist.

“It is as you say, of a sort. But, that is not all a Nightblade is. A Nightblade reports directly to the Council of Dark Lords, and, if necessary, to the Emperor himself. Assassination is only one of your requirements. Your assignments will be… custom. And, you will work solo. Beyond the Emperor and the council you are considered nonexistent. Only when you need to use the seal of the council will you be seen. And if you must do so you will… silence those that have knowledge of you.” Lord Karsh paused.

“As you wish, my Lord.” A thought surfaced in Kira’s mind.

What about Master Velmoras… Will I still be able to contact Velmoras?...

“Do not concern yourself with your old master.” The Sith Lord’s presence darkened further. “During your task it appears your Jedi spy resurfaced. He apparently never left the Daroth system. Master Velmoras, along with her command, attempted to subdue the Jedi spy again. There wasn’t much of your old master left after the Jedi spy retaliated. And, once again, he has fled. This time sources say for good. Master Velmoras was an asset to the Sith Empire, but we cannot allow mistakes like this to rule our Empire. It is a fitting punishment for her failure.”

No… It wasn’t possible…

“My Lord.” Kiras lips trembled. She hadn’t even felt her master go. No, this had to be another test. She would contact Velmoras as soon as her time with the Sith Lord was up. She would answer her call. All would be right. Kira shook slightly.

It is just a test…

“This is your will be your first duty as a Sith Nightblade. You are to seek out this Jedi spy. The Dark Lord has personally tasked you with this mission. He knows that this Jedi spy is of your species. You are to capture and bring him before the Emperor himself. Use your anger to fuel your revenge. Let it seep into your vains and slay those that oppose the Empire. You are a weapon of the Sith. Now go.” The Sith Lords words sunk into Kira’s mind. Anger began to well up inside her. Her shakiness wore off completely. The Force filled her being. The Jedi would pay.

“As you bid, my Lord.” Kira’s teeth grit together in rage.

I will destroy him…


After Kira left Lord Karsh sat brooding.

"Lord Venku."

A man as pale as himself with emrald eyes and tatoos appeared from behind Lord Karsh's thrown. He was dressed in starch white robes, a visible hole through his upper chest.

"Yes my lord?" His face sat emotionless, as it had the majority of his life.

"When not on assignmen... I want you to keep tabs on your new counterpart. This will most likely be a multi-year project I'm tasking you with."

"As you wish my Lord..." His expression did not falter.


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A New Journey
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